Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready made concrete (Remicon) industry and different types of remicon :-


As part of ABDULAZIZ ALTAM For Trading & Contracting advanced steps for developing its capabilities and for possessing the necessary equipment, tools and the required abilities for business, work, and production – and since the very beginning after its incorporation – the establishment started to form and launch the production units sectors – as a supporting sector to the establishment activities and the works to be implemented.


This sector shall carry out through its producing units the following :-

  • Manufacturing and producing the local market needs of remicon (ready made concrete) in its various types in a high quality and according to the latest specifications and international standards.

  • Performing the necessary tests for checking the quality and guaranteeing the safety of the manufactured concrete and other building materials.

  • Offering the required consultation, advices and studies requested by the customer regarding to the concrete products.

  • the implementation of concrete pouring at the employer's site.


The production sector will include the following :-

  • Qualified elite of local experts and cadres.

  • a huge fleet of ready-mix concrete mixing vehicles.

  • Different types of (concrete pumps, trucks for transporting melted cement, other trucks for transporting aggregates, base course, water and winch etc…


  • Central unit for vehicles & equipment maintenance & repair.


  • Modern central concrete mixer (high efficiency production), which operates with self-cooling electronic control system.


Please note that our establishment is taking great care of this sector and always try to develop it through purchasing the latest equipment and tools related to producing the ready mixed concrete (central mixer, concrete pumps and mobile mixer…) also ( trucks for transporting melted cement and other trucks for transporting   for transporting aggregates, base course, water and winch etc.