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Abdul Aziz AL Tam"

The contracting sector is considered the actual economic development arm that contributes effectively in the rise and development of countries and nations.  This sector plays an important role in construction and it drives the development process of the emerging economies and provides the safe infrastructure for all services.

The contracting sector in the Republic of Yemen is witnessing a tangible growth in virtue of the boom of the government and private projects and it is expected that such growth will continue –by God willing- during the coming up years and the construction and contracting corporations regardless of their classifications and ranks will bear that heavy burden to meet that demand and to keep pace with the necessary growth that is based on the recognized quality and efficiency standards. Abdulaziz Altam for trading & contracting corporation has been formed as a pioneering national construction and contracting corporation that enjoys an experience of more than 25 years           

Our corporation has achieved remarkable successes by the grace of God and the spectacular cooperation among our staff and the trust of our clients which resulted in leaving a special impression on our projects and works that stemmed from our values and objectives for which this corporation had been established.     Furthermore, Abdulaziz Altam for trading and contracting corporation is looking forward to achieve even more significant and huger works that are based on the operational efficiency and specific quality through embracing a clear vision and raising the levels of performance in line with the local and international standards that will qualify us to attain even higher classifications in the near

Technical Personnel in the corporation

The human resources is considered  the real power of the corporation in consideration of the existence of a shared vision among them that considers the requirements and needs of the customer as its priority, moreover it praises and honors the talented staff for dedicating their efforts to make this vision achievable, in addition to the methodology of forming a working group in order to find solutions to the ongoing problems that might block or restrict the ability to implement the work. This vision and its relevant values have worked on supporting the corporation since the time of its forming.

By virtue of such a vision and the senior management structure redesigning, we are confident and sure that the corporation will continue to be the entity capable of fulfilling the requirements of the basic infrastructure for its clients – from starting up to finishing and throughout the governorates of the Republic, and will keep on construction , acquiring and providing the necessary resources to fulfill the needs of the workers and our clients.

Machinery and equipment

Equipment management system represents a fundamental part of the competition ability that characterizes our corporation and that helps in limiting the time wasting. This system depends on the following elements :-

  • Developing the accessories of the equipment and purchasing advanced equipment.

  • Equipment rehabilitation and updating policy that secures benefiting from the equipment throughout their productive lifespan.

  • Restoring the equipment to its best condition through the periodic maintenance and service.

Recruiting employees and technicians that are very efficient and skilled.