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Ready Mixed Concrete

Since the date of its establishment in 1991 Abdulaziz Altam for trading and contracting corporation kept on offering conclusive solutions and services to its customers throughout the Republic of Yemen.  Furthermore, it has succeeded through the experience of its staff in construction to extend its business since the early beginning until it became a corporation of multiple activities in constructing buildings, roads, bridges, dams, water barriers, water and sanitation networks and electricity low and high voltage networks.

In addition to the above Abdulaziz Altam for trading and contracting has several trading agencies. Also, Abdulaziz Altam for trading and contracting has highly professional staff that embrace the principle of teamwork in order to meet its objectives.

Historical brief :

Abdulaziz Altam for Trading and Contracting (Sole Proprietor corporation) has practiced its activity in the field of construction and contracting since a long time and it started in governmental projects implementation on 19/05/1991 under the name Al-Tam for Trading and Contracting. On 24/7/2001 it was registered at the provision and supply office in Sana’a under the name of Abdulaziz Altam for Trading and Contracting.

 Currently it grew to become a giant corporation that has enormous ability that enabled it to receive huge projects of high quality standards and to hand it over in a timely manner. The corporation has succeeded through its business practice and working with the international organizations and corporations in increasing its abilities and maintaining high levels in practicing the construction and contracting works in addition to other trading business.  The corporation has achieved notable successes through keeping pace with the advanced technology in different fields and areas and that resulted in awarding it several certificates of appreciation in consideration of the giant projects implemented by our corporation.

 Our corporation is consisted of engineers, administrative staff, technicians and skilled workers who are scientifically and practically qualified for implementing huge projects in line with the modern rise. The corporation has modern machines and equipment such as central concrete mixers – ready concrete transfer trucks – roads building equipment– transportation equipment – modern survey equipment – integrated concrete and roads labs – various tools such as scaffolds and different wooden boards and other materials) which qualify our corporation for implementing giant projects in various fields in addition to the financial capability that qualifies us to fund the hugest projects.

The corporation is considered one of the pioneering corporations in the following fields (buildings construction- roads and bridges- dams and water barriers-water and sanitation networks – low and high voltage electricity networks – electro mechanics.