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Al Tam Corporation has implemented a wide range of projects in its various fields and has been implemented to the highest standards


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Safety and Security System 

Abdulaziz Altam  for trading & contracting is a pioneer in the field of its business and constantly dedicates its efforts to protect environment and willing to provide  a healthy and safe working site for its staff, subcontractors, suppliers and guests.  

The main objective of the corporation is to achieve its business in a healthy and free risk working environment to avoid any danger that might cause any human injuries or environmental impacts or any financial losses.

Furthermore  there are fundamental requirements that must be taken into consideration :-

  • Commitment to the employer’s (owner) requirements, legal requirements and the instruction given by the concerned governmental authorities and their ministries.

  • Identifying the risks that accompany the corporation business which might result into human injuries, environmental impacts or financial losses to take the nesessary safety precautions to control such risks and to prevent the possibility of any accidents.

  • Training the staff on full and continuous application of professional health and safety and environment protection.

  • Monitoring the performance and commitment to professional health and safety and environment protection continuously to guarantee its efficiency.

The Quality System 

The main objective of the corporation is represented in attaining clients satisfaction through a work team that is distinguished of high efficiency. To achieve that goal the corporation has put emphasis on quality aiming at providing high level customer service and to guarantee their satisfaction.
And  a high ranking team work are appointed from specialized engineers for contracting / assuring the quality and they called a team of assurance at our implementation department for gauromting the works executed at a high level & convincing the clients.